Licensed Clinical Psychologist Rehoboth Beach, DE

Understanding ourselves and how we fit into the larger scheme of things

Dr. Joseph L.J. Schwartz

Meet Dr. Schwartz

What is happiness?  Are you a happy person? To begin with, happiness lies within and you must be happy with yourself..first! Sometimes we have to change ourselves to make this happen. This could include improving our physical appearance, our lifestyle, or our diet and that’s OK. But as the famous Theologian Reinhold Niebuhr once said : “God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can. And the wisdom to know the difference”.

No one teaches us how to handle the setbacks of life. Whether they be personal, family, career, or interpersonal. Sometimes problems can feel like a tremendous burden. In fact, obstacles are often pathways to reach a higher understanding of ourselves and how we fit into the larger scheme of things. Freedom from fear, worry, anxiety, depression, and sleepless nights arrives with the acceptance of non-perfection. We are all human and fallible, born to make mistakes. In a world of judgements and comparisons we need to treat ourselves and others with respect and compassion. “Be yourself..everyone else is taken”.

Services & Therapy

Below are just a few of the many conditions we are able to treat, as well as services we provide.


Improve attention, concentration, focus and organizational Skills via Cognitive interventions.

Major Depresssive & Bipolar Disorder

Brighten affect and regulate mood with Cognitive, Behavioral, and Rational Emotive techniques. Use of Progressive Muscle relaxation. Recommend TM (Meditation) and Yoga.


Challenge worry and irrational thoughts through CBT, RET. Recommend TM (Meditation) and Yoga. Guided imagery for relaxation.


Discovery of the root cause and apply anxiety or major depression interventions. Use of behavioral interventions and Herbal teas.

Pre-Spinal Stimulation Evaluations

Clinical Interview and Mental Status Exam with Report.

Legal Services

Review of Case History, Suggest appropriate Psychological Tests including Clinical Interview, Mental Status Exam and MMPI2RF.


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